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DARD GO is one of the fastest growing ayurvedic company located at the heart of India, Balaghat Madhya Pradesh. The city is famous for the Kanha National Park and Gangulpara Waterfall. In the recent years Ayurveda has been getting prominent recognition on a global scale. DARD GO being the representative of Ayurveda is serving the nation from a decade (10 Yrs.). DARD GO has the state of art GMP certified ayurvedic medicines.

We have set a benchmark in the four states mainly Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan. However our products are supplied all over India on the enquiry basis.

Saify Seva Ashram was set up in the year 2006. At Saify Seva Ashram we always concentrate on 100% natural, hygienic and herbal products. We are spread over 8 acres of green herbal Garden, here we are trying best to provide you more affective ayurvedic herbs and medicines. We care for you in such manner to provide you 100% satisfactory result oriented products. We believe in providing always 100 % affective DARD GO ayurvedic medicines for your better life. The care and execution is conducted under the safe hands of the CEO Mr Moiz Saify.

Through the dedicated efforts of our highly motivated team, we at DARD GO are engaged in the task of spreading awareness of the benefits of the Ayurvedic way of life. Our aim is to revive the memory of our true divine nature; to rekindle our intrinsic ability to heal ourselves.

We totally concentrate to provide you natural medicine which is free from harmful side effects, is prevention oriented and capable of eliminating disease and its source. It gives a modern insight into ancient system. ​

DARD GO describes health as perfect balance of the three Doshas and imbalance as basic cause of all diseases DARD GO eliminates imbalance from the most fundamental level of life, pure consciousness and re-establishes the natural interconnectedness of consciousness and physiology, behavior and environment. Health in this context is defined as perfect balance and wholeness of life.


It is my staunch belief that application of modern scientific techniques into Ayurvedic herbal medicinal practice can produce new drug molecules for India and for the world. A revisit into Ayurveda with the help of modern scientific approach from pharmaceutical era can produce very useful and safe products. Drug discovery from Ayurveda using latest technologies developed in the pharmaceutical era, can result in substantial number of newer molecules for modern therapeutic use.

We should adopt the modern testing and evaluation tools to identify useful herbal drug molecules.

I call upon all established Ayurvedic groups in India to work with research based groups. to develop innovative therapeutic products for the molecular age.

We at DARD GO welcome such initiatives.

Write to me at saifymooiz@outlook.com – your input will further our commitment to good science.

We resolve towards better health for India and World…

Mr. Moiz Saifey

We have a team of around 250 hardworking employees self-motivated to work in a coordinated manner in pursuit of fulfilling the company objectives. Our team comprises :​ Procurement agents | Ayurveda experts | Warehousing and packaging personnel | Sales & marketing crew | Shipment agents

Our Vision is to be viewed and identified as the most trusted, economical and performance oriented Ayurvedic company of the world.

Serving customers through best performing medicines and latest technological applications