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If you have tried different hair care products and still did not find a solution for hair loss or any such problem, our Saify Hair Oil is for you! With vast experience and expertise, we manufacture and supply a variety of Saify Hair Oil. On regularly applying our Ayurvedic Saify Hair Oil, your hair will be shiny, strong and long. Saify Hair Oil improves the blood circulation and protects the scalp and hair shaft from dermatitis, by naturally enriching the scalp through vital vitamins.

Details : Control Hair Fall | Removes Dandruff | Grow hair Faster | Make Strong hair | Darkens Hair | Relieves from mental tension


Bhibitika 2.0 GM
Bramhi 2.5 GM
Bes ka tel 66 GM
Chandra jyoti 1.5 GM
Awla 0.5 GM
Bhiranraj 2.5 GM
Kalkdani 1.5 GM
Japa 2.5 GM
Berpatti 3.0 GM
Nagar Mata jard 3.0 GM
Gawar Pale 3.0 GM
Indra Waruni 1.5 GM
Kumuda 1.5 GM
Harra 6.0 GM
Berra3.0 GM

Note : Each 100 Gm contains


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