Dama Swas Halwa


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DardGo Dama Swas Halwa efficiently counter all kind of respiratory problems with no adverse side effects. Dama Swas Halwa effectively helps relieve shortness of breath naturally, respiratory complications and coughing without adverse side effects. It helps increases vital capacity and helpful in relieves congestion and promotes expectoration

Benefits : Bronchial Asthma | Allergic Asthma | Bronchitis | Other Lung Infections | Respiratory Allergies | Dry & Productive CoughProvides relief from asthma and bronchitis | Naturally boosts the lung functions | Helps in decongestion allowing breathing freely | Helps against respiratory allergies | Helps to repair the lung tissues.


DardGo Dama Swas Halwa Several Natural Active Ingredients Like Dalchini, Mangh Chilghoza, Post Khashkhas, Salam Mishri, Tukhm Gazar, Narjeel, Bekh Shoshan, Gaozaban, Shaqaqul Mishri, Katira, Pure Honey

Note : Each 100 Gm contains

How To Use

Half Spoon Halwa Twice A Day With Water

Disclaimer : This product is for internal use only. It has been thoroughly tested. It gives 100% efficacy. For any kind of unintentional harm by the usage of this product, the manufacturer cannot be held responsible.


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