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DardGo  Energy Halwa is specially formulated for restoring the loss of vital forces and energy to meet the natural urges of both the male and female. It provides nutritional support to the body, increases appetite, digestion and assists in the elimination of waste. Packed with the goodness of natural herbs and minerals.
Benefits : Enhances Hemoglobin Count | Good for fatigue | Relieve from mental tension | Improves vitality | Improves appetite | Good for old age | Remove Joint & Stomach Pain


DardGo Energy Halwa Contains Several Natural Active Ingredients Like Saqmonia, Samander Jhag, Suranjan Siri, Beikh Kibr, Satar Farsi, Asaroon, Senna, Barg Hina, Post Halela Zard, Turbud Safaid, Tukhame Karafs, Chita Lakri, Kishneez Khusk, Gule Surakh, MAhi Zehraj, Namak Sambhar, Raghan Arandi, Qlwan Shakar, Zanjabeel.

Note: Each 100 Gm Contains

How to Use

It is advised to consume one tablespoon of DardGo Energy Halwa with a glass of warm water. This aids in faster digestion.

Disclaimer : This product is for internal use only. It has been thoroughly tested. It gives 100% efficacy. For any kind of unintentional harm by the usage of this product, the manufacturer cannot be held responsible.


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    Be the best halwa for our health .

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