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Trouble with Sudden Headaches or Joint Pain ?

Use Dard Go Balm

Naturally helps to heal aches and pains without pills or tablets.

Dard Go Balm is an Ayurvedic formula that provides instant relief from pain. It is used for local application over the affected area. It can be used to relieve the pain caused by acute and chronic conditions such as headache, arthritis, neck pain and shoulder pain. It can also be used to relieve pain and stiffness in the muscles. It provides relief from the symptoms of common cold. It can also help to obtain relief from back pain and sprains.
For Best Use In  : Headache | Common Cold | Neck Pain | Back Pain | Arthritis | Shoulder Pain | Muscle Pain | Strains And Sprains Dard Go Balm is used for local application for reducing pain and stiffness occurring due to various diseases.

Key Benefits

 – Dard Go Balm Is used for local application for Reducing pain and stiffness occurring due to various diseases,
– Treats Cold and Flu.
– Relief From Neck Pain And Helpful In Arthritis


Dard Go Balm contalns Kapoor Ka Phool(Clnnamomum Camphora), Ajwain Ka Phool, Crachyspermum Amml, Pudhine Ka Phool(Mentha), Wintergreen Tel(Gaultherla Procumbens), Neelglrl Tel(Eucalyptus Oil), Turpentine Tel(Syncarpla Glomulifera), Ointment Base & Pudina Tel(Mentha Poperita).

Directions For Use

– A small amount of Dard Go Balm should be applied to the affected part
– The area should be massaged gently in slow circular motions to facilitate the absorption of the medication into the skin.

Safety Information

DardGo Balm is possibly safe for external use.Use under Medical Supervision.

Disclaimer : This product is for external use only. It has been thoroughly tested. It gives 100% efficacy. For any kind of unintentional harm by the usage of this product ,
the manufacturer can not be held responsible



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    Dard goi pain relief oil

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