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Formulated with organically produced Natural Essential Oil, Ayurvedic Massage Oil is an excellent formula for joint pain and inflammation. The anti-inflammatory and analgesic action of massage Oil stabilizes the joint cartilage offering instant relief. Moreover, Ayurvedic massage Oil helps in drawing normal mobility of the joint and helps to prevent blood clotting. Extremely effective for muscle tear, toothache, bites and stings, Massage Oil and doesn’t have any side effects.

Details : headache | chest pain | body pain | backbone pain | paralysis | swelling | blunt injury | sprains | cold | dangerous insect pain other common types of day to day pains | pneumonia | cyst | joint pain | sciatica | toothache | colic | flatulence | bites and stings


Nilgri Patti13 ML
Balsamodendron14 ML
Piperment5 ML
Comphora11 ML
Mentha sylvestris11 ML
Mustered oil46 ML

Note : Each 100 Gm contains

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