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Get the best Piles Treatment without any side effect Fight against the terrible piles with our specially prepared Ayurvedic Capsule that is  DardGo Piles Fighter Capsules 100% organic, it is prepared from select herbs. Piles Fighter Capsule is instilled with rich, nourishing elements that offer strong relief against the pain caused due to bleeding, burning during piles. These capsules also help you in improving your digestive system.


DardGo Piles Fighter Capsule Contains Various Ayurvedic Ingredients Such As DardGo Piles Fighter Capsules Contains Many Ayurvedic Ingredents like Daru Haldi, Ritha Rakh, Kattha , Vakayan, Raal, Chitrak, Nimboli, Shubhra Bhasma, Nagkeshar, Shodhit Suhaga, Shodhit Gairik, Kaharwa Pisti, Kajjali, Sontha, Kali Mirchi, Pippaali.

Note: Each 100 Gm Contains

How To Use

DardGo Piles Fighter Capsule should be best when taken with warm water after meal. Or it is LIKELY SAFE in most individual when taken in recommended dosage under the supervision of physician.

Disclaimer : This product is for external use only. It has been thoroughly tested. It gives 100% efficacy. For any kind of unintentional harm by the usage of this product, the manufacturer cannot be held responsible.


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